Lyno @ on your marks

On Your Marks is a personalised fitness studio in Rondebosch run by Mark Lindenberg (Certified Fitness Trainer, RBHS 1st XV Coach and Lyno practitioner). We offer boot camp classes, personal training which includes assessments and Nutritional Weight loss plans and Lyno.

Are you suffering from injuries?
Are you in pain or constant and/or reoccurring discomfort?

Mark has found the most effective and logical method for solving these issues. It only takes three to four sessions to get a considerable improvement in most cases. It is called Lyno, and was founded by Benita Kropman. Mark studied and qualified under Benita Kropman and now practices at On Your Marks located on the Rondebosch Boy's High School premises.

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These small group personalized classes kicked off on the 31st of August. They are aimed at Bosch parents and the greater suburb community. The classes will get your body set for its best performance whether that performance is fitting into clothing or looking slimmer and more toned or completing a fitness event or simply to be healthier. Our facility on the Rondebosch Boy’s High campus is set in a friendly, relaxed and personal environment (as opposed to a big membership gym) that encourages athletic endeavours with an entire campus full of indoor and outdoor equipment and resources to stimulate and motivate your physical ambitions. We assess progress and create an enjoyably competitive environment where each individual is challenged at their level (injuries and limitations of each individual are taken into account). Each individual’s specific needs are also catered for within the class. This all comes at a fraction of the cost of 1 on 1 Personal Training yet it is very comprehensive in what it delivers.

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These are the ultimate in personalized fitness. The benefits of having a qualified and knowledgeable instructor are endless. It means everything can be tailored and adjusted to suite your needs and it is the ultimate in daily motivation. They are also more flexible than the classes.

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The Bosch Athlete Programme is exclusive to Bosch boys and kicked off on the 31st of August 2015. It is a comprehensive management of each individual according to his specific sporting needs and done in communication with his various coaches and squads. All senior squads will encourage boys to be members of the Bosch programme to maximise their preparedness for the upcoming season specifically with regard to postural strength, maximum strength, power and speed.

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